144 Marine Parade 'CALA DEI', COOLANGATTA


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NEW to Coolangatta Beach – UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Elevated apartments, many with over 21 metres of uninterrupted beach frontage connect you to a unique part of Australia’s east coast.

There is an old-fashioned beauty to Greenmount. A sense of sanctity. And as you watch the sun rising, filtered through pine trees and setting over golden sand you will appreciate a deep sense of wonder, and the pure joy of the moment.

Become lost in the rhythm of the waves that roll across Greenmount Cove. Spend hours on this north-facing beach, as the sun warms the sand all day. Precious moments reflected by sand, salt & sky.

The highly considered yet wild landscape creates a fluid connection between the lobby and Greenmount’s native flora. Here, in this private sanctuary, the dappled light and the sound of the water lapping gently in the pools create a welcoming haven at the end of the day.

Inspired by the views, the location, the interplay of light and the passage of the sun, the materiality of Cala Dei celebrates the beauty of it surrounds through a highly considered collection of materials.


Experience a location like no other. Wake early and walk up to the Duranbah lookout. Be the first to see the sun rise over Queensland, breathe the salt air, and let the warmth invigorate your presence in the environment. Follow the sunlight and savour your coastal morning walk, continuing past remnant rock pools and see the transition of the wild seas quieting into tranquil, curling waters.

Cala Dei is designed to celebrate the timeless beauty of the site: the rich basalt outcrop, the soft sands, the pure turquoise waters and the abundance of light. Walking directly from a beautifully crafted lobby space out onto the sand – the sea breezes caressing your face, the sun warming your skin – you feel at one with the elements.

Watch as the sun creeps down the face of Greenmount as you walk through the dappled light, below the towering Norfolk pines and around the iconic headland. Enjoy it here, at the doorstep of Cala Dei, and lose time appreciating the perfectly formed waves that continually roll into this spectacular Greenmount cove.

Take your time and find a place to bask in the midday sun. It might be at an outdoor table at the local restaurant, enjoying fresh seafood and a crisp white wine with friends. Perhaps it’s on a sheltered stretch of sand, where you enjoy lying down with a good book. Or is it out on the water, sitting in the line-up, waiting for the perfect wave? Secluded swimming spots, pristine beaches and charming towns offer endless places to belong.


144 Marine Parade 'CALA DEI', COOLANGATTA



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